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Laying natural stone coverings and tiles professionally

Good organization and the right materials are key factors in the success of a tiling project. Optimum results which remain acceptable in the long term can only be obtained using the proper materials and with the right know-how. PCI provides support with high-quality materials such as primers, bonded waterproofing productstile adhesives and joint grouts as well as specialist know-how for the laying of tiles and natural stone coverings.

Preparatory work for a level substrate capable of bonding

Before tiling work starts, the substrate should be inspected and prepared. The substrate should be clean, firm, largely level and free from cracks and subsidence. Ideal substrates include concrete, cement screed and intact tiling. Any minor irregularities can be levelled or repaired using levelling compounds from the PCI series Pericret®, Periplan®, Muroplan® or Nanocret®.

Absorbent substrates such as concrete, screed or plaster should be treated with special products like PCI Gisogrund®. The special primer PCI Gisogrund® 303 is ideal for non-absorbent or extremely smooth substrates. Especially when working outdoors in wet areas, additional waterproofing needs to be applied before tiles are laid so that the substrate is not damaged by moisture. For larger areas, both liquid-applied waterproofing products such as PCI Lastogum® or PCI Seccoral® and waterproofing membranes such as PCI Pecilastic® W may be used. In the case of corner joints and wall/floor connections, waterproofing tapes from the PCI Pecitape® series are integrated in the waterproofing of the main areas.

Laying tiles and natural stone with professional support

Tiles can either be laid directly on the prepared substrate or on isolating mats which have been installed on the substrate. The advantage of isolating mats is that stress which could cause cracks in the tiles or natural stone is eliminated.

If you would like to learn more about our products or have specific questions on tiling projects, just contact our PCI specialist adviser at your local dealership. You can identify your local dealer using our practical dealer search form. Apart from information on tiling work, you can also obtain information on the comprehensive PCI range – ideally, you should use one of our product systems.