Repair work on industrial floors and traffic areas normally needs to be completed quickly and tidily in order to prevent long interruptions to operations. Whether you are working on ramps, curbs, storage areas or cold storage rooms, you will find the right product for any application in the PCI range. For the refurbishment of small or large concrete surfaces, we recommend the cement-based repair mortars of the PCI Repafast® family. You can choose between flowable PCI Repafast® Fluid with rapid, significant strength development, the fibre-reinforced variant or non-sagging PCI Repafast® Tixo for manhole surrounds, pavers and garage entries.

If repair work is to be carried out at temperatures as low as -25 °C, the material to use is PCI Repafast® APS 40 reaction resin repair mortar.

Fast-setting concrete repair mortar from PCI

Our PCI Nanocret® products are outstandingly well-suited for the refurbishment of concrete with chemical, mechanical or physical damage. For these applications, PCI has a wide range of products from a light repair mortar to the high-strength, fiber-reinforced, flowable repair mortar PCI Nanocret® R4 Fluid. In view of their structural relevance and for other safety reasons, you should repair concrete building components and masonry using professional construction chemicals products from PCI.

This single-component mortar saves mixing time and means that you can complete repair work faster. PCI Aposan® reaction resin repair mortar is the best solution for small concrete areas, joints, corners and edges. This two-component epoxy resin is ideal for every load.


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Reliable, competent and experienced: PCI advisers

For more than 70 years, PCI has successfully manufactured construction chemicals for industry and craftspeople. As the market leader in tile fixing products, we have many years of experience in meeting customers’ requirements and in the further development of our product families. Obtain comprehensive information from your preferred dealer and use versatile construction products such as repair mortars, primers and waterproofing agents from PCI for your project.

You can also benefit from online services such as the consumption calculator and the PCI specialist adviser search function. We will be pleased to deal with your queries.