Over the years, masonry and concrete screeds may be subject to a variety of stresses. In the final resort, the fabric of buildings is not immune to damage and cracks or cavities may appear over the course of time. These must be eliminated as quickly as possible in order to prevent more severe damage such as subsidence.

For example, you can use the injection resin PCI Apogel® for the successful refurbishment of walls and floors. For this product, we offer a variety of high-quality accessories such as injectors, screed dowels and screed ties for the durable, effective sealing of cracks and cavities in buildings. You can obtain further information on successful refurbishment work from our informative brochures or your local PCI adviser.

Injectors and screed dowels within the system

Injectors are important tools for refurbishing walls using sealants. Injectors allow the sealant to be effectively injected into the damaged component, achieving a tight seal. On the other hand, screed dowels are used for screed laying and prevent possible vertical offsets. As a result of their functional properties, our screed dowels also form part of our innovative System for Multi-Use Tiling. Our injectors are ideal for our smart crack injection system based on silicate resin. For example, you can use them to inject our injection resin PCI Apogel® quickly and easily, giving cracks and edges no chance.


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Injectors etc. from PCI – effective, innovative and from professionals for professionals

PCI is a modern, innovative company that has been developing construction chemicals products for the building trade for over 70 years. Our accessories for concrete refurbishment such as injectors, screed dowels or high-pressure injection guns are essential tools for the successful refurbishment of walls or screeds. We develop our products with innovation, passion and know how; they are then continuously developed and optimized in close cooperation with construction contractors and companies.

Use our convenient PCI adviser search function to find your local PCI adviser and obtain comprehensive advice on concrete repairs and the refurbishment of building fabric. You could also attend seminars on the waterproofing of buildings at our PCI Academy. We look forward to hearing from you!