For a pleasant living atmosphere, it is essential to insulate cellars. If cellars are inadequately insulated, standing water or moisture in the soil may lead to damage caused by rising damp, which poses a risk to the fabric of buildings and can have an extremely detrimental impact on the quality of life in a building.

These risks can be avoided by reliable insulation using products from the PCI Pecimor family. Thanks to innovative product formulations, basement walls and foundations can be insulated reliably, rapidly and in accordance with the applicable standards, providing long-term protection for the fabric of the building and the interior atmosphere. In addition to primers and thick coatings, our product range also includes a high-quality insulation board adhesive that provides a simple solution for the insulation of buildings in practical systems.

Insulation board adhesive within the system

Our cellar insulation systems represent a smart, innovative solution providing effective protection against moisture for the outside walls of cellars. The clear and consistent system concepts include schematic diagrams of the individual working steps and focused product recommendations which make the insulation of a cellar simply child’s play. Essential elements of the system include an intermediate waterproofing layer, a leveling compound and a primer, as well as a top layer of insulation boards.

These insulation boards can be easily bonded into place using the insulation board adhesive PCI Pecimor DK. Standing water and moisture then have no chance of penetrating the structure. In addition, insulation boards form a protective layer against mechanical damage. Our PCI insulation board adhesive is a two-component solvent-free polymer-modified adhesive for the effective bonding of expanded polystyrene and foam glass boards.


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PCI Pecimor DK – the innovative insulation board adhesive

Like all our products, our insulation board adhesive in the Pecimor family features innovations. At PCI, we have been active in the construction industry for more than 70 years and we know what is important when insulating a basement. Thanks to close cooperation with construction contractors, we can engage directly with the requirements of building owners and develop practically oriented product solutions.

You can rely on our high quality and benefit from comprehensive advice to avoid any hitches in your cellar insulation project. In addition, you can use our practical consumption calculator to ensure that your project is implemented in an effective, resource efficient way.