Long-term protection for the fabric of buildings is the objective of any building owner. This topic is a top priority especially in connection with tiling and natural stone coverings in wet rooms. DIN 18195 issued in 2011 defines wet rooms as “interior rooms exposed to so much water as a result of use that a floor drain is required.”

If the bonded waterproofing under the tiles in wet rooms is inadequate, moisture may penetrate the substrate, causing severe damage, as a result of exposure to large quantities of water. The consequences include mould, damage to the building fabric and an unhealthy interior climate. You can prevent this scenario by professional waterproofing work using low-emission waterproofing products from the PCI range.

Protecting the environment and employees with low-emission under-tile waterproofing

Low-emission products are a key element in our product philosophy. We are well aware of our responsibility to nature and people and are working continuously on new products. We offer low-emission waterproofing products for tiles as well as low-emission product systems (such as the Multi-Use Tiling System). Protect the fabric of your buildings with low-emission under-tile waterproofing products from PCI and avoid harmful fumes during processing and use.

Our environmental responsibility already starts with the formulation of our products and systems. Our product and system formulations are designed for a healthy living environment and safe processing. If you want to offer your customers and employees additional safety and hygiene, choose products with the EMICODE EC1 classification, which confirms the low-emission properties of our products and systems.


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Innovative low-emission under-tile waterproofing products

Do you want to protect the fabric of your building with low-emission under-tile waterproofing? If so, PCI products are the right choice. We give top priority to high-quality environmentally compatible solutions offering maximum convenience both during and after processing. We have been active in the construction sector for more than 70 years and offer innovative products and solutions that set new quality standards in terms of safety and convenience. Discover our low-emission waterproofing products such as

and assemble your own reliable, low-emission bonded waterproofing system. If you have any further questions or need advice, you can contact your local PCI adviser. You can also use our convenient consumption calculator and plan the quantities needed for you individual waterproofing project right down to the last square meter.