Tile laying is not an easy matter and calls for both precision and high-quality construction materials. Especially tile adhesives face a wide variety of requirements as a result of the large number of installation options, different loads and the wide range of titles and ceramic coverings available. Key requirements to be met by good tile adhesives include ease of use, technical feasibility and low emissions.

Low emissions are becoming increasingly important in the construction industry as low-emission products are the only way to protect employees, consumers and the environment and to ensure a safe and hygienic interior climate. The PCI range includes low-emission cementitious tile adhesives which are formulated to prevent harmful fumes during and after processing.

Low-emission cementitious tile adhesives – the eco-friendly all-rounders

Cementitious tile adhesives boast impressive versatility. Thanks to a variety of additives, the properties of the adhesive such as sag resistance, adhesion or flexibility can be adapted to meet specific requirements. In addition, the consistency of the adhesive can be set individually to make application as convenient as possible. Cementitious tile adhesives are normally subdivided into

  • thin-bed adhesives,
  • flowable adhesives, and
  • medium-bed adhesives.

It is therefore possible to adapt the adhesive individually to the variety of requirements posed by different substrates and coverings such as sensitive natural stones in order to construct an effective, durable tiled covering. The additional low-emission properties are a further benefit of our low-emission tile adhesives as they offer both your employees and your customers the highest possible safety levels. You should therefore choose products with the EMICODE: EC 1 PLUS classification, which has been awarded to all our low-emission products and systems.


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Find the perfect low-emission tile adhesive for your construction project

You may wish to use a low-emission tile adhesive for your construction project but you may not know which product properties are particularly important. If this is the case, just contact your local PCI specialist adviser for competent advice on low-emission construction. Your specific application, your floor covering and the individual load parameters of your project will all play a role in determining the ideal low-emission adhesive for your tiling.

The area to be covered is also important for the selection of a suitable tile adhesive. In order to conserve resources, you can use our convenient consumption calculator to calculate precisely the quantity of tile adhesive required on the basis of the number of square meters and the tooth spacing of your trowel.