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Successful refurbishment of concrete with PCI products

Concrete is used in a wide variety of structures ranging from homes to roads and requires effective protection against negative external effects. Regular refurbishment and repairs are essential. Depending on the cause and scope of the damage, various different refurbishment approaches may be required:

  • Protection of reinforcement against corrosion
  • Protection of concrete against corrosive media
  • Restoration of concrete surface

For the successful refurbishment of concrete, the first steps are to identify the cause of the problem and to select the appropriate products. PCI offers a wide range of reaction resins, repair mortars and corrosion protection products for the effective refurbishment of concrete and reinforcement.

Concrete refurbishment: preparations and sealing of cracks

The preparation of the substrate is a key factor in the effective, durable refurbishment of concrete structures. The substrate must be sufficiently firm and ensure adequate adhesion strength. We offer two different solutions for the repair of cracks with PCI Apogel®– soaking and injection. In the first case, the epoxy resin is inserted into the crack without pressure so that the crack is completely filled. In the case of injection, cracks are filled under pressure with polyurethane resin, which is ideal for joints that are to allow expansion.

Professional concrete refurbishment

The optimum bonding between substrate and refurbishment mortar is a key factor in the success of concrete refurbishment. In order to improve this bond, the use of bonding slurries such as PCI Pecihaft® is recommended. To protect reinforcement bars within the concrete against corrosion, it is recommended to use reaction-hardening or polymer-modified cementitious systems from our product range. If surfaces are to receive additional protection following refurbishment, the PCI product families Silconal®, Polyflex® and Betonfinish® are ideal.

Do you have any questions? If so, just contact our competent PCI specialist adviser at your local dealer. Our advisers are trained to provide advice on all applications and can recommend the system that is best-suited for your concrete refurbishment product. Our company has more than 60 years of experience in the production of construction chemicals and is always developing new product systems to ensure fast and reliable progress with construction work.