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Performance grouts from the professionals – tested and certified

Thanks to the unique structure of performance grouts, forces are transferred from machines not via the anchors but directly to the foundation. Performance grouts tested in accordance with the DAfStb codes and certified to DIN standards are also extremely useful for reinforced concrete structures – for transferring heavy loads via the joint grouting.

Where extremely fast work is called for, PCI Verguss-Fix is the product of choice. This extremely strong, flowable product can also be used for the grouting of skids, supports, manhole covers and inspection openings. After only 30 minutes, the formwork can be removed. The area which has been grouted can be driven on after 60 minutes.

PCI performance grouts for firm machine foundations

The PCI Repaflow® series includes various performance grouts for any construction application. The basic product in this family is characterized by high early and final strength as well as its sulphate-resistant formulation. PCI Repaflow® is outstandingly well-suited for friction-locked supporting and load-bearing joints between concrete foundations and components such as skids or steel frames in indoor and outdoor applications.

For the precision grouting of machines, generators, pumps and turbines, we recommend PCI Repaflow® plus. This single-component product is highly shrinkage-compensated and withstands attack by sulphates and de-icing salt. You can also use the three-component epoxy performance grout PCI Repaflow® EP plus. The consistency of this performance grout can be individually adjusted between flowable and non-sagging. In addition, the long working time means that it can be used for grouting complex foundations.

Reliable and competent: PCI advisers

Customer satisfaction and professional advice are top priorities for PCI. This is why our advisers receive regular training and we continually develop our range. Work with building professionals calls for precise, practical solutions – also for your special project. You can benefit from services such as the consumption calculator for performance grouts and other products on the PCI website as well as the dealer search function to find the right contact for any problem. We are pleased to provide advice at your preferred local dealer. You can benefit from our perfectly harmonized systems and individual solutions for performance grouts, construction adhesives and sealants.