PCI Barra® Creme

Silane injection Solvent-free waterproofing cream for horizontal barriers
PCI Barra® Creme
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features and benefits
fields of application
  • Ready for injection without pressure.
  • Can be processed straight from the cartridge.
  • Even at high moisture levels up to 95%.
  • Low consumption.
  • High active ingredient content.

packaging: 310-ml-cartridge
  • Water-repellent agent in the form of a cream for the creation of retroactive damp-proof courses in masonry.
  • For sealing capillaries and hairline cracks.
  • Can also be used with high moisture contents (up to about 95%) in the masonry.
  • Especially well-suited for visible masonry (bricks, natural stones) and aerated concrete.
  • PCI Barra Creme can be applied using proprietary cartridge guns with or without electric support.
  • Follow the requirements of the WTA code of practice (masonry injections against capillary moisture) for the planning and implementation of rehabilitation work.