As a family-owned subsidiary of the MBCC Group, we work in two exciting worlds. PCI, a brand of the MBCC Group, combines the short ways of a medium-sized company with the great possibilities of an internationally active group. For 70 years PCI has been a recognized manufacturer of construction chemical products and a leading company in the field of tile laying materials in the German-speaking countries.

From the specialist in production or logistics to the innovator in development or marketing to the entrepreneurial doer in sales, a wide range of opportunities are open to our employees. No matter if you are interested in a steady employment in a stable, growth-oriented company or if you are attracted by an international career in a dynamic environment - at PCI many doors are open to you. Become part of our team with more than 1,200 employees throughout Europe.

Whether you are a pupil, student or experienced professional - discover us as an employer.

We count on you!

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    PCI Elritan® 140

    for expansion joints in floors exposed to chemicals

    Technical data sheet

    PCI Escutan® TF

    for sewage treatment plants, waterways, bridge construction and sewage systems

    Technical data sheet

    PCI Silcofug® E

    for indoor and outdoor use

    Technical data sheet

    PCI Silcoferm® KTW

    for drinking water application

    Technical data sheet

    PCI Silcoferm® S

    for multi-purpose indoor and outdoor use

    Technical data sheet

    PCI Lastogum®

    under ceramic tiles in showers and bathrooms

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    Most popular product systems

    System for Concrete and Masonry Repair

    Multi-use system for non-structural concrete...  More

    System for Multi-Use Tiling

    Versatile, very low-emission tiling system...  More

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