Consumption calculator

This consumption calculation included in the programme contains approximate values based on experiences which might considerably vary upwards and also downwards depending on the structure of substrate, type of tiles, different profiles on the reverse sides, type of tiling tools, work method a.o. Calculations are therefore not allowed to be based on these values. In case of larger projects we recommend to assess the consumption by making a trial surface. Applications in the combined method (buttering-floating) increase the consumption by approx. 20 to 25%. In case of powder products the data relate to the consumption of dry powder for easier calculation of the material requirement.

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Sealant backfiller
for joints in civil engineering construction

Technical Datasheet No.: 312

Area:   m²

Quantity Required approximately:  kg
250-m-roll: pieces
150-m-roll: pieces
100-m-roll: pieces
80-m-roll: pieces
50-m-roll: pieces