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Waterproofing tape durably protects fabric of buildings

Durable protection for the fabric of the building is a top priority in any building project. Effective waterproofing is extremely important for protecting the building fabric. If waterproofing is not implemented thoroughly using high-quality products, the consequences may be catastrophic. When laying tiles in a bathroom, the right waterproofing tape is a key element in addition to primers, floor levelling compounds and appropriate waterproofing products.

A waterproofing tape seals critical points such as connections between walls and floors. This provides optimum protection against moisture and other damage to the fabric of the building and ensures that the flooring is laid on a good foundation.

Waterproofing tape as part of a system

Waterproofing tapes are normally stretchable rubber tapes that prevent water and moisture from entering the substrate especially in showers and wet rooms. If costly, labour-intensive repairs are to be avoided, thorough, professional waterproofing is absolutely essential.

With products and practical system solutions from PCI, effective waterproofing is child’s play. Our innovative product systems such as the universal tiling system provide a perfectly harmonized concept that ensures effective, fast and reliable construction work. A key component in this product system is our Pecitape 120 special waterproofing tape which is designed for waterproofing corner and connecting joints.

If you have any questions concerning our efficient, economical systems and product combinations, we will be pleased to provide comprehensive advice; flooring and construction materials are our speciality.

Waterproofing tape from PCI – for professional waterproofing

At PCI, we are well aware of the need for effective waterproofing. As building professionals we see it as our top priority to ensure precise, immaculate construction work. Our products offer especially high quality and convincing functionality at all levels. PCI Pecitape® 120 is a special waterproofing tape that is outstandingly well-suited for tiling and natural stone coverings in showers and bathrooms.

The low-emission, extremely elastic tape can also be used under parquetry in bathrooms. The self-adhesive waterproofing tape PCI Pecitape® WS is also suitable for use on balconies and terraces. With these products, your floors receive the ideal protection against moisture in indoor and outdoor areas.